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          The member States of the Council of Europe, signatory hereto,
     Considering that the aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve greater unity between its members, in particular for the purpose of facilitating their social progress;
      Noting that in Europe more and more young persons, especially girls, are going abroad to be placed “au pair”;
     Considering that, without wishing to make any critical assessment of this widespread practice, it is advisable to define and standardise, in all member States, the conditions governing such “au pair” placement;
     Considering that “au pair” placement constitutes in member States an important social problem with legal, moral, cultural and economic implications, which transcends national boundaries and thereby takes on a European complexion;
     Considering that persons placed “au pair” belong neither to the student category nor to the worker category but to a special category which has features of both, and that therefore it is useful to make appropriate arrangements for them;
      Acknowledging more particularly the need to give persons placed “au pair” adequate social protection inspired by the principles laid down in the European Social Charter;
      Considering that many of these persons are minors deprived for a long period of the support of their families, and that as such they should receive special protection relating to the material or moral conditions found in the receiving country;
     Considering that only the public authorities can fully ensure and supervise the implementa­tion of these principles;
      Being convinced of the need for such co‑ordination within the framework of the Council of Europe,

     Have agreed as follows:

          Article 1
     Each Contracting Party undertakes to promote in its territory to the greatest extent possible the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement.

           Article 2
     1 “Au pair” placement is the temporary reception by families, in exchange for certain services, of young foreigners who come to improve their linguistic and possibly professional knowledge as well as their general culture by acquiring a better knowledge of the country where they are received.
     2 Such young foreigners are hereinafter called persons placed “au pair”.

          Article 3
     Placement “au pair” which shall initially be for a period not exceeding one year, may, however, be extended to permit of a maximum stay of two years.            Article 4
     1 The person placed “au pair” shall not be less than 17 or more than 30 years of age.
     2 Nevertheless, exceptions to the upper age limit may be granted by the competent authority of the receiving country in indi­vidual cases when justified.

          Article 5
      The person placed “au pair” shall have a medical certifi­cate, established less than three months before placement, declaring that person's general state of health.
           Article 6
     1 The rights and obligations of the person “au pair” and the receiving family, as those rights and obligations are defined in this Agreement, shall be the subject of an agreement in writing to be concluded between the parties in question, in the form of a single document or of an exchange of letters, preferably before the person placed “au pair” leaves the country in which that person was resident and at latest during the first week of the placement.
     2 A copy of the agreement referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be lodged in the receiving country with the competent authority or the organisation chosen by this authority.

           Article 7
     The agreement referred to in Article 6 shall specify inter alia the manner in which the person placed “au pair” is to share the life of the receiving family, while at the same time enjoying a certain degree of independence.

           Article 8
     1 The person placed “au pair” shall receive board and lodging from the receiving family and, where possible, shall occupy a separate room.
     2 The person placed “au pair” shall be given adequate time to attend language courses as well as for cultural and professional improvement; every facility as regards the arrangement of working hours shall be accorded to this end.
     3 The person placed “au pair” shall have at least one full free day per week, not less than one such free day in every month being a Sunday, and shall have full opportunity to take part in religious worship.
     4 The person placed “au pair” shall receive a certain sum of money, as pocket money, the amount of which and the intervals at which it is paid shall be determined by the agreement referred to in Article 6.
           Article 9
     A person placed “au pair” shall render the receiving family services consisting in participation in day‑to‑day family duties. The time effectively occupied in such services shall generally not be more than five hours per day.

          Article 10
     1 Each Contracting Party shall state, by listing them in Annex I to this Agreement, the benefits to which a person placed “au pair” will be entitled within its territory in the event of sickness, maternity or accident.
     2 If and in so far as the benefits listed in Annex I cannot be covered, in the receiving country, by national social security legislation or other official schemes, taking into account the provisions of international agreements or the Regulations of the European Communities, the competent member of the receiving family shall, at his own expense, take out a private insurance.
     3 Any change in the list of benefits in Annex I shall be notified by any Contracting Party in accordance with Article 19, para­graph 2.

           Article 11
     1 Where the agreement referred to in Article 6 has been concluded for an unspecified period, either party shall be entitled to terminate it by giving two weeks' notice.
     2 Whether the agreement was made for a specified period or not, it may be terminated with immediate effect by either party in the event of serious misconduct by the other party or if other serious circumstances make such instant termination necessary.

          Article 12
     The competent authority of each Contracting Party shall appoint the public bodies and may appoint the private bodies to be entitled to deal with “au pair” placement.

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